Hi, I’m Sarah, the founder of SLD Marketing.


I started SLD Marketing in August 2019, a commercially minded marketing agency focussed on providing marketing support for small to medium sized businesses in Essex, London and surrounding areas.


I’ve always had a passion for marketing and the buzz of generating new business opportunities or relationships through target-driven campaigns has taken me out of my full-time, London-based job and led me to starting up on my own.


A marketing agency has always been a dream of mine and in August 2019 I was presented with the opportunity to grab the bull by the horns (so to speak).


In an off-the-cuff after work chit-chat with a friend’s boss about how they could market their business more effectively, I was presented with the question ‘Sorry, why aren’t you doing this for yourself’.

That’s when, SLD Marketing was born.


With 13 years of on-the-job commercial marketing experience under my belt, a CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing, a CIM Diploma in Digital Marketing, winner of the 2018 award for Best Supplier Marketer, Adobe suite certificates and a golden book of the best freelancers available today, I am proud to be offering my expertise to a much wider audience.


You never know, I might be able to help you too… Let’s start the conversation.



Tel: 07849 860023

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